a specialist liveaboard charter operator based in Cairns, Queensland.

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Launched in 2017, Argo Expeditions conducts dive charters on the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding areas, visiting some of the most remote and unique dive sites in the region.

With an experienced crew, a passionate founder and extensive knowledge of the area, Argo Expeditions is the perfect partner for your next diving adventure!

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At Argo Expeditions, we are committed to giving you and your guests the most memorable Great Barrier Reef experience we can. In our itineraries section you will find some of the more common itineraries that we can easily put together to get you out on the Reef as soon as possible.

However, as our name suggests, we also run expeditions to key locations year round based on availability.

These trips will typically have a research component that involves collecting data, whether it be collecting tags from previously tagged animals or simply observing animal behaviour or even counting the number of animals in a particular region. This will be your chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey, and be a part of research that can be used to make tangible changes to the reef.

Finally, we can also assist you in planning your own private charter, with everything from locations, activities and your menu!

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